New Used Reconditioned Forklifts from General Forklift Company

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About Us

We are a New York - New Jersey Forklift Company with an experienced and technically savvy staff (each of whom has the customer’s goal as their main concern). We offer the best service and most competitive prices in our area. Our rental department stands ready to serve your short term and/or long term requirements 24/7.

Since its founding in 1980, General Forklift has expanded to serve the larger New York, New Jersey area with top of the line new forklifts, the very best reconditioned forklifts both gasoline, diesel and battery operated electric forklifts.

We have over three hundred used forklifts to choose from. Our experience has shown that regular forklifts (electric or internal combustion) will serve 80 percent of the materials handling requirements of most users.

But, what do you do if you have very special requirements which conventional forklifts can not satisfy. Or, if you have outgrown your space but can not move just yet.

We have the solution for you; we developed relationships with the pioneers in our industry, those who addressed the hard to find solutions to special materials handling problems.

We now carry the unique Airtrax Sidewinder ™ Forklift – the only omnidirectional forklift in the world.

We sell the versatile very narrow aisle Flexi Forklift, which can save most warehouses 40 percent of their former space utilization by employing an ingenious tried and true swing mast technology.

Contact us for a free demonstration at your locations.

If after all of the above, we can not provide you with exactly the lift truck you need, we will help you find it among our nationwide network of dealers.


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